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About Us

Industry leaders when it comes to scaffolding within the local area, CRONX Scaffolding have a highly qualified and top professional team capable of delivering when it matters.

Our passion for high-quality work means that we’re capable of satisfying the needs of our customers and delivering exactly what they need for domestic and commercial scaffolding every time.

With qualified experts, excellent customer satisfaction and a desire for quality, CRONX Scaffolding can help you with any scaffolding requirements you have.

Domestic Scaffolding

For domestic scaffolding, we aim to deliver a range of sophisticated and safe scaffolding options that can help you to complete your domestic project.

CRONX Scaffolding has worked tirelessly for many years, helping to deliver domestic scaffolding needs to a wide range of customers with differing requirements. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver for every project, no matter how big or small.

Whether’s it’s a full design, system scaffolds, towers, dismantling or bespoke domestic scaffolding service that you require, we’re happy to assist. Why not contact us today for a free survey, we want to make sure homeowners get the very best when it comes to domestic scaffolding.

Commercial Scaffolding

When it comes to commercial scaffolding we have a proven track-record for both the quality of our work and our safety as commercial scaffolding needs an approach that’s both experienced and pro-active.

We’ve worked on a diverse range of projects covering many different aspects of commercial scaffolding. From working with small businesses and buildings to larger-scale projects, with each one receiving the necessary attention-to-detail that’s required.

As a leading supplier of commercial scaffolding throughout the area, you can be sure that CRONX scaffolding can help you to achieve your goals and assist in helping to make sure your buildings can continue to work as required while work is on-going.

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